Hitman Series

This series is written in collaboration with the awesome Jessica Clare aka Jessica Sims aka Jill Myles. I forced Jess into this collaboration by constant hounding via email.  Finally, like any good romance heroine, she gave into my non stop attentions.  Here’s Jess explaining it better than me:

Jess: Originally the idea was to have a hitman in college (DON’T LAUGH, it was my idea).

Jess:  Jen and I were talking via email about dark heroes. And I said, well, okay, now I want to write a hitman book. And Jen was all DO IT DO IT. And I was too chicken unless she partnered with me. 

Jess: We knew going in that we wanted to do Daniel’s book, and Vasily. I think we’d like to do more, provided we’re not sick of them and the general reaction isn’t OMG HITMEN EW NO. Because it’s so fun to write heroes that have NO boundaries.

Jen: Three for now and then who knows. Jess was talking about a post apocalyptic book and since I’m a secret doomsday prepper at heart I think that sounds perfect.

So there you have it. Three books, so far. The first one Last Hit is in stores now.

7 thoughts on “Hitman Series”

  1. I loved this series. Three is not enough. Would love to know more about Daisy and Nick-his past haunts him and catches up, what does Nick do to protect his love and family, bring Daniel in to help……..

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