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First up, I want to give a giant virtual hug to everyone who is following Ian and Tiny’s journey. From the readers who signed up for the newsletter to everyone who has purchased the book — THANK YOU! Your neverending support is amazing. And a double hug for those readers who have left a review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple and all of the other online book e-tailers. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you share your thoughts about Ian and Tiny.

Next goes a huge note of thanks to the ladies at The Rock Stars of Romance who have launched the book and spread word far and wide. There is still time to enter the giveaway for the KINDLE FIRE as part of TRSOR’s release day blitz.

losing control release day banner

And finally, to all of the bloggers who blitzed Losing Control’s release — I heart your help. Your love of romance and tireless efforts to bring great reads to the masses is an inspiration. Let’s hear what these bloggers have to say about Ian and Tiny:


Ana from The Book Hookup enjoyed the trials and tribulations of the “imperfect” characters. As well as the “explosive…hot…sexy!” relationship between Tiny and Ian.

Victoria and Ian both have a desperate need…her, to help her mother…him, to avenge his family. These are huge situations that are all consuming for them and that constitute more than just the average baggage characters normally bring with them into a story. And I liked that these situations were written that way…that, even as we enjoyed the romance part of the book, we were never allowed to forget these themes.  This story wasn’t just about the relationship, there was more to be dealt with.

Ana ends her review saying that she misses Ian already… no worries Taking Control will be out soon!

Jessica at Lovin’ Los Libros loved Ian and Tiny’s “intense” romance romance.

When Jen first offered me this for review, how could I pass it up? I love that it is unlike any of her previous books, thus showing us her versatility as an author. It is a steamy, sexy read that has some very serious undertones and you can’t help but admire and feel for the main character, Tiny.


Christine at Read More ~ Sleep Less gives Losing Control 4.5 Tiny Bunny Stars. For Christine, this story is all about Ian!

[Ian] propositions [Tiny], she refuses and the chase begins! 
Ian, is hot, demanding and oh so adorable! He also has a bit of potty mouth and has a great sense of humour! I feel like I’m promoting a product over here, but it’s all true! He’s character was like a blend of the boy next door and a possessive neanderthal!

He’s drawn to Tiny right from the beginning but not in an insta-love sort of way. He was possibly one of the most caring and sensitive alpha’s I have ever read! I always worry that one character trait will over power the other but, Ian was perfect!

Court’s $0.02 at Love N. Books about Losing Control: “Jen Frederick just keeps outdoing herself with each book!!” This reviewer loved the “strong, opinionated heroine” and the “mysterious” Ian.

The sexual tension between Tiny and Ian is off the charts hot!!! Tiny is quite the spitfire and Ian battles her back with his intelligence. The dialogue between these two is very entertaining. Jen does a fabulous job of building both Tiny and Ian’s worlds with such a huge contrast between the two. The build up of their characters is very interesting and just really sucks you into the book.

Losing Control has a great twist and unique plot. I absolutely love how Jen has written this book and look forward to reading Taking Control!!

MinnChica at The Book Pushers questioned the connection between Ian and Tiny saying that something seemed “missing”. But what was clear, was the heat between the H/h.

Ian and Tiny have a very physical relationship, and they don’t shy away from the dirty talk and even dirtier actions. I thought their chemistry was great, and although I didn’t always understand the attraction from Ian’s perspective, I did enjoy the way they explored and enjoyed each other. It was very sexy, very hot, and very dirty!

Sandy at Somewhere Only We Know gives Losing Control 4 stars.

Likeable, different characters. The plot that was interesting, not entirely original, yet not overdone. I loved that Losing Control didn’t have the characters making stupid decisions at the 70% mark just to create some kind of conflict. As a matter of fact, I really enjoyed the entire last 30% of the book just as much as the beginning. And I’m looking forward to checking out Taking Control, book 2, as soon as I can!

Wednesday from Busy Bumble Bee Book Reviews is new to my books, but she really liked the “raw and real” emotion she found in Losing Control.

I would like to say, this was a really good read. It was unique, dark, sexy, and you know you will want to check out the next book in the Kerr series. Overall I think 4.5 stars is a perfect fit for this book. And I can say I have become a new fan of Jen Frederick’s.

Many thanks for these reviews!

Last Hit is on sale now

lasthit-medJessica Clare and I email each other daily and have for several years. She’s been a big supporter of my writing. One day Jess joked that she wanted to write about a hitman that goes to college. Immediately I was struck by her brilliance. Unfortunately she refused to write it. A month later I brought it up again and she, probably tired of my harassment, said that I would have to write it with her.  As this was going to deter me! Nope. I sat down and typed out Nikolai’s first scene.  His background as a Ukranian conscripted into a Russian mafia was born in that instant. 

Last Hit is the story of a lonely hitman who has been a contract killer since he was fifteen. While watching a mark, twenty one year old Daisy comes into his line of sight and his attention is arrested. He can’t stop thinking about her, watching her, or wanting her.

This story is different, darker, and sexier than anything I’ve written. Hope you enjoy it. 

iTunes is a link not yet available but I’ll let you know when it is.


Tentative Release Schedule

REVISED as of June 13, 2014.

  • December 20, 2013: Snow Kissed, Christmas Novella featuring Grace and Noah. Will be sold in anthology with two other authors.
  • January 20, 2014:  Book 3 Woodlands, featuring Gray Phillips and Samantha Anderson. Book is with the editor.
  • April 2014: Last Breath, Reagan and Daniel’s book
  • June 2014: Losing Control, Kerr Chronicles 1
  • August/Sept 2014: Taking Control, Kerr Chronicles 2
  • September 2014: Untitled Woodlands #4, Finn’s book
  • October 2014: Last Kiss
  • Dec, 2014: Charlotte’s book

User Error

Last night I was clicking through to my Goodreads account, accepting friend requests, when suddenly I realized that I had hit “ignore” instead of “accept” for three friend requests. I hit the stop loading button and then the back button frantically only to have Goodreads give me this red warning message that I had no new friend requests.

This isn’t new for me. I’m often flubbing things. When I was younger, I used to read Julie Garwood. Her heroines were all perfect except for one tiny flaw, usually a poor sense of direction. I’m the opposite of a Garwood heroine. I’ve got a pretty decent sense of direction but a ton of really big flaws, not being able to hit the correct button at the correct time is one of them.

Noah feels that way in Undeclared.

I’m not sure how being around Grace managed to fuck up my decision-making process so much. I felt like I was pushing the shoot button on my Xbox controller every time I wanted to jump, resulting in stupid, self-inflicted casualties.

To the three Goodreads users I’ve somehow ignored, I’m sorry. To everyone else, please accept these apologies for future errors. Now, which one is the shoot button. Is it X or Y?

Blown Away

I’m so blown away at the level of support that you readers are giving “Undeclared.” I don’t really know the best way to express my gratitude to the bloggers, reviewers, readers who have given this book a chance. It means the world to me. I hope you give yourselves a pat on the back for being awesome.


Don’t forget you can win stuff like a signed print book and the awesome dog tags with Noah Jackson’s name on them over at places like The Rock Stars of Romance and over 20+ places on the blog tour.

Engagement Rings

I’ve been thinking about doing guest blog posts around the interwebs and one idea that sounded fun was envisioning what rings our favorite heroes would give our favorite girls. Can you guess which couple I thought this would belong too?



Layken and Will, right? I know. He gave her Layken’s mother’s ring. But if he had to buy a new one, butterfly promise anyone?

Hello, World!

I’m so excited to write my first post here on my brand new author blog.  The recent rise of New Adult books seems like something I’ve been waiting for my whole life. I am so inspired that I will be publishing a five book series beginning with book one about Noah and Grace, to be published on January 1, 2013.  I’m really new to the author blogging thing so I hope to strike the right note between entertaining and NOT boring.