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  1. Just finished Last Hit and although it is completely different from the Woodland series I thought it was brilliant. I loved the characters, their dialogue, the way they interacted with each other. I could hear Nick’s thick accent in my head and sympathise with Daisy’s insecurites. Brilliant joint effort on a darker, much edgier novel!

  2. Loved Last Hit and I’m looking forward to seeing how it continues with Daniel and Reagan. I’m keeping Snow Kissed for my Christmas day read love them! But I have to tell you that the Charlotte Chronicles are like crack as soon as it pops up in my email I have to stop what I’m doing and read about the clan! I love them 😊 thanks for such great writing and characters. Can’t wait for Gray in January!

  3. Finished Unraveled in a day and it was amazing. Each book in the Woodlands series just seems to get better. Gray was a character I wasn’t too sure I would have been interested in from the glimpse of him we got in the previous book but sweet jaysus he surpassed the love I have for Noah and Bo and that is something I never would have predicted. Terrific story, emotional, hilarious and super sexy! Thank you Jen 😉

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