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Pick My Book Cover and Enter To Win A Book!

Last year, I released a short story in the holiday anthology Snow Kissed with authors Jessica Clare and D.S. Linney. My novella, “Undressed”, continues the story of college student Grace and her MMA fighter boyfriend Noah.

I’m releasing “Undressed” as a standalone, so I need a cover. There are four options I’m eyeing but just can’t make up my mind, so I’ve decided to leave it to the readers. Tell me which cover you like best and you are entered to win a digital copy of “Undressed” and Grace and Noah’s full length novel Undeclared.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Read “Undressed” summary below and pick which cover option you feel best fits the couple.
  1. Share your pick by:

○      Leaving your opinion in the comments

○      Commenting on my Facebook Post

○      Tweeting your fave using the hashtag #UndressedCover

*A dozen winners will be chosen using Random.org on Thursday (7/3) at 9:00pm EST.*


“Undressed” Summary

Noah and Grace’s happy ever after hits a stumbling block in the form of one shady professor threatening Noah’s scholarship eligibility. Noah is given the choice of throwing his New Year’s MMA fight for a big payoff or accepting that the true meaning of love isn’t measured by the thickness of his wallet but the depth of Grace’s big heart.


29 thoughts on “Pick the cover for “Undressed””

  1. #3 looks really good to me! Besides the guy in the other pictures is not how I pictured Noah to look. After I’ve read a book about him and he has been in other books I have a pic in my mind of how he should look.
    #3 keeps it a little more mystical.

  2. Jen, I also wanted to thank you for continuing the story of charlotte and nathan. I sooooo look forward to Fridays. Charlotte’s letter made me cry. Now I really can’t wait for Friday!

  3. Option 4 – Because you don’t need money to simply enjoy being with the other person. Just like sitting on a park bench is free but quality time!

  4. I think option 4 is a good depiction of Grace and Noah. The cover looks like two lovers who are just enjoying one another, regardless of the snowy conditions. It’s just the two of them in the world and they couldn’t be happier about it.

  5. # 3 with the silhouetted couple in a loving embrace ❤
    I agree with the other comments – it's mysterious and romantic while still allowing the characters to be who the reader pictures in their mind while reading the story. But…you could put an hairy ogre on the cover and bet your ass that I'm still gonna read it! Love your books!

  6. Option 3 for me, too. It’s indicative of the season, but not overly so, and it gives the reader the option to picture who they want as Noah and Grace. ❤

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