Losing Control is available today!


Losing Control is out today. Buy it at your favorite retailer!

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Why buy it? Take a look at what Christine says at Read More ~ Sleep Less


Rich billionaires and damsels in distress are a dime a dozen and I find myself tired of it all. But then along came this book. I felt really connected to the characters, which made the story more realistic and in my opinion very enjoyable.

[Ian] was possibly one of the most caring and sensitive alpha’s I have ever read! I always worry that one character trait will over power the other but, Ian was perfect!

Losing Control, was a highly enjoyable read. I love sexual tension, probably more that the actual sex in a book and this book had sexual tension in spades! The sex scenes were hot, Tiny and Ian’s relationship progressed awesomely. Tiny, was an awesome heroine! She’s quirky, sensitive but she’s also loyal, she’d do anything for the people she loves! So what I’m getting at is that I really enjoyed this story!

2 thoughts on “Losing Control is available today!”

  1. I am fairly new to these chronicle series and I have a question. Do the books themselves have more to the story, more content/chapters, or are these chronicle series you send out each week the whole story? I guess I am asking if I have read the posts you put out each day/week, do I still need to buy the book?

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    1. Thanks for asking. Losing Control is a self contained book. If you received the newsletter, it did contain the entire story but it will not be posted here on the site or available through the newsletter again.

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