Charlotte XXII


“Nathan.” She clutches at my shoulders which are slippery from the sweat I’ve worked up loving every inch of her body. My name is a trembling whisper on her lips and like every other word sigh, and exclamation that has come out of her mouth I tuck it into my memory bank, overwriting every other girl who has ever been with me before.

Leaning down, I gently press my lips against hers losing myself in her taste. Kissing her is more erotic and more moving than all the other times I’ve stuck my dick into someone else’s body. I can’t envision wanting more than her ever.

I hiss at the sensation of her tightening around me, hugging me so tautly that it’s hard to withdraw. Instinct takes over and my hips begin thrusting against her harder and faster until I release all the tension that has pooled at the base of my spine. Replete with satisfaction, I collapse on her. She doesn’t even flinch at the heaviness of my body pressing her further into the mattress. Charlotte is worn out after the second go around.

“Sorry,” I mumble against the damp skin of her neck.

“Mmmhmmm,” she says. Her hands trail over my shoulder blades and down, parallel to my spine. Despite having just enjoyed the hell out of her for the third time tonight I feel myself harden, in response.

“No,” she laughs. “I can’t. Not again.”

“Just ignore me,” I say. Jesus, I’ve never been this horny. I should be satisfied and I am, really. It’s just that everything about her turns me on right now. With what I feel is a superhuman effort I push off from her body and tug the condom off carefully. In the bathroom, I wrap it in toilet paper and shove it to the bottom of the trash can along with the previous rubber victim.

I gulp down two glasses of water from the sink and then fill the third one up for Charlotte.

“Here,” I offer.

She takes the glass with a grateful look and drains half of it before handing the glass to me. I set it down on the nightstand.

“Now what?” she asks.

I glance at the clock. Our parents are likely to be home in a half hour. “Now we go to your room and I lie like a nice boy on top of the covers while you’re underneath them.”

“What’s the point of that?” she raises an eyebrow.

“It makes us look good. Like we’re not fooling around, just spending innocent time together.”

“My dad only thinks one of us is innocent.”

I wink at her. “Me, right?”

She tosses a pillow at me but it falls far short. I pull on my discarded sweatpants and a t-shirt and gather up her clothes. Tossing them on the bed, I head to tell Nick where we’ll be going.

“Over to Charlotte’s for the night,” I say. “Thirty minutes until the ‘rents are home.”

I hear enough scuffling to recognize that Nick’s got another person in his room.

“Who’s in there with him?” Charlotte whispers to me. Turning I see she’s dressed and her hair has lost that just fucked look that I am starting to love. I suppose I’ll find long strands of dark hair in my brush tomorrow but rather than being irritated, I’m kind of looking forward to it. Not that I’m going to weave a friendship bracelet but I like having things that Charlotte’s touched in my possession. I figure it will make our separation easier.

“Don’t know,” I shrug. I take her hand and walk down the hall toward the service hallway. “Don’t care either.” There are a few girls in our building that Nick could be nailing but I’m not going to guess which one. He’ll tell me in the morning. I wonder if Charlotte knows what a manwhore he is. Probably.

“I wonder if it is Nicole,” she muses. Yup, she knows all about Nick’s tendencies. We’re as close as one family and so secrets are hard to keep around here. Our newfound physical connection isn’t one we’ll be able to keep from our parents for long. I wonder how bad Uncle Bo will hurt me when he figures it out. He is my godfather, but I’m guessing he won’t go light on me.

Maybe Dad will intervene and explain that it was inevitable because it was. Our timeline just sped up because Charlotte got sick and now she’s leaving. I know I need to tell her about my plans before she goes but I don’t want to ruin everything now. I’ll wait. The day before she leaves I’ll tell her because that was just as inevitable as our getting together and if she thinks about it she’ll know I’m right.

“What kind of treatment are you going to get over there?” I ask as we climb into Charlotte’s bed.

“Just chemo and radiation followed intensive physical therapy.” she snuggles under the blankets, her thin body needing the extra heat that mine does not. “They say that because it’s directed at my brain stem there might be loss of motor skills, both fine and gross. And there’ll be tutors for various subjects so I can get caught up. I’ll probably have to have more physical therapy and tutoring when I come back this summer.” She plucks at the covers. “What’ll you do this summer?”

This would be the time to tell her that I plan to enlist in the Navy right after she leaves so that I’ll be able to start boot camp immediately upon graduation. Delayed Enlistment Program allows me to sign up and then request the earliest possible boot camp date. It’s the one secret I’ve kept from everyone except Nick but I’ll need my dad’s signature on the papers since I’m seventeen. But I know if I say this that she’ll beg me not to go and I’ll cave because I’ve never been able to say no to Charlotte. Not ever. But if I enlist then I’m bound by a contract to the US government to not only go to boot camp but stay in the military for four years. I’m hoping that contract is enough of a barrier to defend against her.

“I’m planning for our future,” I say.

“I love you,” she whispers as I pull her against me, the blankets serving as a pretty damn effective barrier. I can’t feel even one curve of her body through them.

“Love you too,” I say and kiss her temple. As we fall asleep, my mind wanders to that scene in another old movie where the elf princess wanders through the forest grief stricken because she outlived her king. That’s not going to be Charlotte and me but the image persists and despite all the evening activity my sleep is restless.

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6 thoughts on “Charlotte XXII”

  1. It just keeps getting better. I’m pulling for Nate and Charlotte! I can’t wait to read it as a full novel. Great work!

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