Charlotte XXI

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“Never,” I vow. “It will always be Nathan and Charlotte.”

Her lips looked shiny and big, puffed up from my attentions. I can barely breathe. Worse, I’m afraid I’m not going to last long enough to make it good for her. I lean down to kiss her again. I wish I had saved myself for her. I wish I had never kissed another girl, touched any breasts other than hers, slid my fingers inside any other female.

With each kiss and caress, I wipe away memories of everyone but her. When her clever tongue flicks across my lips and rubs against the side of mine, I’ll never taste anything sweeter. The heady scent of her arousal and the faint peach fragrance from her lotion surrounds me. My hands mold her body, memorizing each curve and arch. I’m absorbing her essence so that I’ll carry her with me forever.

“I’m ready,” she says. Her words are punctuated by tiny pants that make my heart beat faster. In an effort to collect myself, I lean forward and lick her breasts first one and then another until she’s convulsing around me again. I’m torn because I don’t want to pull my fingers from her hot, wet embrace but I also want my dick inside her so badly. I worry that it might break off if I don’t get relief. I pump my fingers and she tightens all around me. “Oh please, Nathan.”

I don’t want her to beg me even though it sends an illicit thrill down my spine. Regretfully I pull my fingers out and we both groan, one part dismay and one part pleasure.

“Shh,” I whisper and stretch out to grab a condom from under the pillow where I stashed it before I left this morning. She reaches down toward my stiff dick and I jerk away. “I’m sorry,” I tell her. “I can’t have you touch me.”

“Why? Am I not doing it right?” Her voices sounds plaintive.

“God no.” I grab her hands and place them on my chest. “I’m just a hair trigger away of embarrassing myself and making your first time a huge disappointment.”

“You’d never disappoint me.” Her fingers skim over my chest.

“I will if I don’t start thinking of something other than getting inside you,” I say ruefully. I pull her hands away from me and fold them between mine. Pressing a kiss on the backs of her fingers, I pull her hands over her head. Instinctively she arches her back, thrusting her breasts toward my mouth. Her rigid nipples are taunting me. And somehow she knows how tempting she is in this position because she undulates seductively.

Hurriedly, I grab a condom and sheath myself.

When I reach between her legs, she’s still wet. There are streaks of blood on my fingers but rather than turning me off, the sight of it thrums like a drumbeat in my head. Only mine. This is the proof of how she’ll belong only to me. I hide my look of smug satisfaction by surreptitiously wiping my fingers along the side of my comforter.

With one hand bracing my body, I grab my dick and rub the head against her soft opening. She smiles tremulously at me when I slide slowly inside her. At the first contact, I nearly blow my load and there’s a little devil that is urging me to plow her hard and fast. The heat of her body is setting me on fire. Squeezing my eyes shut, I concentrate on breathing slow and steady and the pressing need to rut like an animal eases off enough so I can gather a little self control.

When I open my eyes, I see hers tight around the edges. This is painful for her and I hesitate thinking I should shove off because I can’t stand hurting her even the tiniest bit anymore. At one time, I’d get mad at her because I started thinking and feeling things I knew I shouldn’t be thinking or feeling so I’d lash out with a sharp criticism. All I want now is to see her smile and make her laugh.

But she senses my reluctance and pulls me down. “It doesn’t hurt at all,” she lies.

“Don’t.” I shake my head. “Always tell me how you feel so I can make it better. It’s all I want—all I’ll ever want.”

Waiting for her body to adjust to mine is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. My legs are starting shake but I’ll stay in this position with just the tip inside for as long as it takes. When I feel her relax I push in a little more and we do this dance of pausing and inching forward a little at a time until I’m fully seated. When I’m snug against her, her mouth forms a little circle as if she can’t believe we fit. But we’re a perfect match. She’s made for me and I for her.

“Put your arms around my neck,” I tell her. “I’m going to move now. You’ll need something to hang on to.”

She does as I instruct and by the slumberous gaze and the way her limbs have tighten all around me, I know she’s with me. I press my forehead against hers and watch her expressive eyes as I stroke in and out of her in slow, measured movements. Each drag along her tissues is the first of its kind and the wonderment and delight is driving me out of my mind. I’ll never forget this moment.

As the path becomes slicker and easier, I begin to speed up and her thighs are clinging to my hips. I kiss her, sipping from her lips at first and then thrusting my tongue into her mouth as I’m thrusting between her legs. She’s moaning and shuddering under me. I can feel my orgasm building and I need her to come before me. Her need before mine always. I move my hips, altering my pattern and listen intently until I hear her breath hitch as I catch the right spot. Then I work that over and over until her moans turn to cries.

“Let go, sweetheart,” I whisper against her mouth. “I got you. Let go.”

Dipping a hand between us, I circle and press her tender flesh until I can actually feel the rhythmic clenching and unclenching of her body as she comes. It’s the sign I’ve been waiting for and all my control vanishes. Mindlessly I thrust into her as my own pleasure overtakes me. Her hips rise to meet mine and her nails dig into my shoulders. She’s taking everything I have and demanding more. I’m no longer gentle or caring because I’m beyond that. I’m in another plane where I’m controlled by my lust and desire for her but her passionate cries in my ear tell me she’s there too. Finally I jet what seems like buckets of come into the condom, my body jerking against hers.

I collapse on the bed and roll to the side, careful to remain inside her. I should immediately withdraw and take care of the condom but I need to hold her. She’s shuddering against me, her whole body shaking with the bliss of our joining. I stroke her shoulders and press small kisses along her shoulder and neck inhaling the scent of her hair and of us.

After we both catch our breaths, she speaks with deep satisfaction. “God, Nathan, I want to do this again a thousand times.”

Grinning at her, I say, “me too.”

She runs her fingers through my hair and laughs and the sound of it goes into my ears and straight into my dick. The sudden hardness inside of her causes her eyes to widen. “So soon?”

“Yup.” My grin gets bigger. Hope she’s not too sore tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Charlotte XXI”

  1. Aw I don’t want Charlotte to so to Switzerland or Nathan to join the military! 😦 Why are you tearing them apart?!

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