Unraveled Blog Tour Day 6

Thanks to Alii’s Book JungleThe Book Tart, T&A After Darkrandom jendsmit for posting about the release of Unraveled.

Yesterday marked the last day of the blog tour. There is still time to visit one of these great sites to enter to win a $200 GC to the retailer of your choice or a signed set of the Woodlands series. Thank you to every blogger who participated in the blog tour. I really appreciate it. Authors really depend on the word of mouth of readers like you to spread the word about our books.

Thank you to everyone who has left a review on Amazon or Apple or Barnes and Noble. Those help in convincing the retailers that are book is worth recommending to the buyers who don’t follow blog tours.

Finally, a special note of gratitude to the ladies at The Rock Stars of Romance without whom I would not be able to release a book. Thank you ladies.


Battery Operated Book Blog likes the boyfriend resume. (It’s a running joke in the book between Sam and Gray about all the things he’d put on his resume for a potential mate).

WOW!  I am just absolutely blown away.  It’s been a while since I read a book and sat down immediately to write the review, but I’m just that freaking excited about this story and how it made me feel.

I loved the humor in this one.  Grayson and Samantha crack me up!  Like Grayson coming up items she likes him him or thinks are hot that he can add to his boyfriend resume.  Their adventurous dates are anything but ordinary but were intense and fun and sometimes frightening.

fiction’s our addiction is jealous of Sam!

These two have an instant physical connection. They are both going to some deep internal battle in regards to love and neither really in my opinion know how to cope with what they are feeling. Written in Sam and Gray’s POV. This is a very good book! I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am left with a crush on Gray and so jealous of Sam!

For Vi at Happiness is a Book, Gray and Sam were interviewed. This is just a tiny excerpt:

Vi: Sam, how did you get started with knitting? What’s the most difficult thing you have made?
I got started knitting when I joined a support group after my husband died. It was the only widow group I could find that had women there under the age of 50. The most difficult thing I made was a sweater for one class. We were challenged to incorporate as many different techniques into one project. It’s pretty hideous.

Gray: ugliest thing ever. Even uglier than, well, you know, Vi, but I don’t want to ruin it for everyone.
Sam: It is really, really ugly.

Tracie at ilove lady porn loved the ending!

Over at In My Room Reading, she wrote:

Her writing style and the stories she tells are precisely the type that I would love to read and reread several times. I like her plots. She writes funny and witty banter really well, and the romantic parts my toes just curl!

Kimberly Faye writes on her blog that The Woodlands is her favorite New Adult series:

f you like your romances sweet and sexy, with strong, smart women and sexy, protective men, you have to check out Jen Frederick’s Woodlands series. From the first moment I picked up Undeclared, I fell in love with her characters and her writing. There’s more than just romance in these books. There are some seriously steamy scenes that leave me fanning myself, but there was also real emotion in each of the books that took me for a ride. Unraveled definitely put me through the most of them, though. Tears were cried. (I know, I know… it doesn’t take that much to make me cry, but still.) This is one of my favorite new adult series.

Live Read and Breathe enjoyed the banter but the real emotion. She also has a very funny some ecard to go along with the review.

I feel she captures banter with ease with a good balance of angst and true emotions.  I am really starting to adore this series and can’t wait to find out more from these Woodland boys.

Love N. Books, Court’s 2 c are as follows:

I love seeing the characters from the previous books make appearances and sort seeing how they are progressing.  It keeps the series alive and enjoyable.

Overall this may not be my favorite in the series, I truly enjoyed it.

Red’s Book Blog enjoyed the families, both the blood ones and the friendship ones

In my opinion, we need the sort of story that gives us heart and makes us smile. But we also want the kind of story that curls our toes and gives us butterflies. Butterflies are both good and bad in my case. It depends on what my hero/heroine is doing of course. I get a well rounded amount of butterflies whenever I read Ms. Frederick’s work.

Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews has some beautiful graphics to go along with the reviews. The unique thing about this review link is that several of the bloggers contributed their own thoughts and they had varying opinions from 3.5 to 4.5 stars.

SMIBookClub suggests a few moments of privacy when reading Unraveled:

I loved the growth that Sam and Gray do individually as well as together. Sam is ready for more of life and Gray is just the person she can trust to let go and have some fun she so desperately needs. Sam is probably one of my favorite female characters ever and I love that she knits. Gray is a total hopeless romantic even if he refuses to think he want to get serious with anyone and I loved what he had planned for Sam at the end.

The Book Hookers‘ Tray reviewed Unraveled and loved the dialogue. I enjoy writing it. It’s probably the most fun for me as a writing:

Jen Frederick has a way of writing dialogue. The interaction between characters feels natural. ..The male characters in this series talk like real men and real soldiers. They cuss like sailors, they tell embarrassing stories about each other, and their bedroom talk is so hot it’ll catch the sheets on fire.

Joann at The Book Junkie is a fan of the series and enjoyed the instant connection between Sam and Gray.

[H]e meets Samantha (Sam), a young widow of an Army soldier, who is still stuck in her stages of grief- not moving on with her life either. Their paths collide one night while at the bar that Sam works, and it is explosive!! These two– I’m talking instant chemistry. All of a sudden, the girl who has lived inside of herself for two years since the death of her husband, suddenly starts to feel. And fall. Head over heels for this Marine that she just met.

The Flirty Reader says that she didn’t quite connect to Gray like she did to the previous two male protagonists in the Woodland series but she loved Sam:

I really, really enjoyed this book. But not as much as I enjoyed the first two. Maybe it was because I was expecting the book to be about Mal or Finn. I’m not sure. There was a disconnect with Gray sometimes for me and I couldn’t put my finger on why. Sam completely had me from the beginning of the book to the end. I love her character and felt that Frederick did a fine job of conveying what it is like to be a very young war widow. It’s a life that most people don’t know, or really want to know.

At Who you callin a book whore, Erica writes

Sam isn’t looking for anything that leads to forever and neither is Gray but sometimes you just can’t stop fate? RIGHT?!?! Jen does a great job of showing that sometimes the thing that you think you want the least is what you truly want the most deep inside your heart and your head. When you don’t over think things!!!!

Knock Your Books Off gives Unraveled four stars enjoying the journey and the camaraderie (isn’t that the weirdest spelled word ever?) between the characters.

Gray is just yum!!! He’s badass and loyal and honest and *sigh* a man!!! Yeh he fucks up – more than once he lets his mouth run away with him and he loses out dearly but what Gray shows himself to be in-between his cock ups is more than enough for even the hardests of hearts to forgive.

Sam & Gray together are a roller coaster ride and they epitomise the saying of “the path of true love never runs smooth” they have more than their fair share of hurdles to overcome together and eventually apart.

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  1. I LOVE LOVE every single one of the books in this series. Now that more characters are introduced, will we catch a glimpse of them in the Charlotte chronicles?!?!

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