Unraveled Blog Tour Day 5

Thanks to The Book BellasReading is my escapeDirty Books Dirty BoysBooky Ramblings of a Neurotic MomAs the Page Turns, and Made for you Book blog for alerting their readers to the release of Unraveled.

The Biblio-Files confesses she kind of fell for Gray during his brief appearances in Unspoken and I’m sure glad I didn’t disappoint her with the full length novel. And I made her blush. I hope that was a good thing. 🙂
All I can say is holy hell! I think this book was actually steamier, dirtier and hotter than Undeclared and Unspoken combined. Jen Frederick got pretty naughty with this one…and…I loved every minute of it!!! I could not put it down I started reading after midnight and finished by 2:30am…yeah I was pretty hooked. This is a great read for new adult fans who like steamy scenes. Gray and Sam’s chemistry is scorching. I think Gray and Sam may have actually given Bo and AM a run for their money!!! I had to cover my eyes while reading…shame on you Jen, you made me blush hehe!
Peace Love Books: Ramblings of a Dork left an amazing review. Rambling on Miss Dork!.
This is really a story of love conquering all. Facing your fears and learning to love even with life throwing a wrench in every plan you make. Will love conquer all? I recommend reading and finding out. Unraveled was another great addition to an already great series. Can’t wait for more.
Margay Leah Justice appreciated that Gray was a man of action and one who kept his word. (Those are big things in my book. You don’t want someone who can’t follow through!)
He is the ultimate Marine, the ultimate Alpha hero, and he talks dirty like nobodies business! The things he says to Sam would turn a saint into a sinner in a heartbeat. They are deliciously dirty and they’re not just words because he can back them up. Big time. Everything he says to Sam is a promise and this guy can sure deliver on a promise, let me tell you! So he’s not all talk – he’s also a man of action.
I get to chat with Lovin Los Libros via Twitter which is great. Twitter is so much more fun when you get to interact with readers. Hit me up sometime! In Jessica’s wonderful review she writes:
I have to first discuss the camaraderie between Gray, Noah, and Bo. It is absolutely incredible. I love how these guys interact with one another. All having served in the Corps together, it really left them with a sense of brotherhood and they always have each other’s back and watch out for one another. Now that Bo and Noah have settled down and are in serious relationships, they definitely have more wisdom and advice to offer. However, I think Jen does such a great job of capturing the male voice in her novels. These guys are Marines for pete’s sake. They don’t get fluffy and spout pretty words at each other. They tell each other how it is and deliver the hard truths. Literally, one second they can be on a more serious tangent and the next one of them is bound to say something sexual, ridiculous, or flat out goofy.
I read Indie Mandie thought that knitting was adorable and that there wasn’t a moment she could take a potty break!
 Who though knitting could be so adorable? I enjoyed every second of the story, every single word. I couldn’t put it down. So far that has been my only problem with books by Frederick. Not really a problem, per se, but gosh! She never leaves a dull moment for you to say ‘Now is a good time for that potty break.’ Nuh uh. You have to keep reading and reading and reading.
Escape into a Book Review enjoyed the connection and the steaminess:
I loved the connection and attraction between the two. I loved the overall story. I loved the characters and love that there is more then one point of view.
It was another great blog tour stop. One day left folks! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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