Unraveled Blog Tour Day 3

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To kick off tonight’s post, let me share Books to Breathe lovely review as part of Day 2 of the blog tour but I missed it. I’m exited to share the great review today.

I fell SO hard for Gray and Sam. Whether the scene was sexy, tender, fun, or serious, I loved them all equally. The way these two connected and communicated, there was a pureness that was refreshing to witness. I could not get enough and would have kept reading forever if it was possible. But that’s what Jen does. She writes characters that are so relatable; you are instantly embedded in their lives, never wanting to return to a world where they don’t exist. I’m not sure which Woodlands man is next, but I cannot wait to find out! I’ll never get enough of these men and the women they love.

Hetty at BestSellers & BestStellars gave the book 4.5 diamonds and shared some lovely things about the grief theme:

The numerous themes weaved into the storyline gave this novel a lot of depth. I appreciated the grief discussions and explanations of how this affects people in different ways. Sam gives Gray this knowledge that assists in his healing. It also helped Sam realize she was still clutching the past and needed to let go. The concept of living life to the fullest was very encouraging and inspiring. Allowing yourself to trust and accepting love were lessons this duo learned together.

At Above Average Below Special  Lettie confesses that I might have put her off skydiving (or abseiling) for life.

Once again the side cast was brilliant! It was great to see the Woodlands boys from Gray’s more outside view. Bo, Noah and Gray had a great camaraderie between them from their service together and Bo and Noah seemed to completely understand Gray, at times better than he did himself! I especially enjoyed Bo’s tough love advice! Biblio Belles (Review)

Book Drunk Blog interviews me and I tell them who I think would be best able to survive a zombie apocalypse. In the book, Sam says she’s good because she can stab people with her needles and create clothes out of fiber. Gray immediately says Sam should join his team. But truthfully I think there is one other Woodlands roommate who I think is uniquely suited to survival but you’ll have to read the interview to find out.

Over at Booze, Bookz, and Bad Boyz  Dee has a neat story about how she came upon my books. She won one in a rafflecopter! Even better she enjoyed the book she won. That’s so cool. Dee shares:

My introduction to Jen Frederick’s books was via a Rafflecopter contest. I won a copy of Unspoken, the second book in The Woodlands series. Jen’s writing style and relatable characters hooked me instantly! I immediately bought Undeclared, the first book in this series, and read it in one sitting. It’s her mix of alpha males, strong yet vulnerable female heroines, and her compelling story telling that keeps me coming back for more.

At Her Juicy Reads, Kristen writes:

Gray is sexy as hell and the stuff that comes out of his mouth! *fans self* Prepare yourself!

I feel like this story has the perfect balance of emotional, sexy and angsty moments. It deals more with the emotional aspect of these two characters growing and coming together.I was very impressed with Sam’s character. Although her life the past few years has been at a stand still she is still very strong and never let her grief completely devour her. I loved how she never tried to hide the fact she still loves her husband and never shied away from speaking about him.

You should be jealous of Kristen because she’s reading that hot looking Reaper’s Legacy by Joanna Wylde.

Love Between the Sheets is a blog where Megan reviews. She shared that she wants directions to the house. I can’t give those out!

  I loved this book. Sam and Gray both brought baggage to their relationship, but each time a problem would rise up they would concur it. It may have taken a while (sometimes a loooong while) but they always found their way back together .I adore this series along with everything else Jen Frederick writes. I definitely see more hunky Woodlands men in my future. Oh, and one more thing, did I mention Gray has a dirty mouth? Yeah, I absolutely need directions to that house.

Love Between the Sheets is also having a big January giveaway. Check it out here.

Mean Girls Luv Books says that her allegiance to Bo from Unspoken was tempted!

Not only are her men extremely BBF list worthy but the woman are equally well written and endearing. They are the girls you wish were your BFFs….FYI for Bo fans – which this girl is TEAM BO 100%, even more after reading this – but watch out, Gray definitely makes him work for it a little. Go get your copy of the Woodlands books and fall in love with this series…you won’t regret it

Thank you to Dirty Girl Romance Book BlogRomance Addict Book BlogTurner’s Antics, and Ms. Harvey from The Romance Evangelist for sharing the promotional post of Unraveled. Ms. Harvey has great taste. If you visit her site, you’ll know immediately why. (Spoiler: we share the same template)

So Lorie at The To Be Read List makes these awesome cups. Aren’t they fantastic? Lorie also suggests that Unraveled is good if you are suffering from book depression. No one should suffer from book depression.


Unraveled isn’t a simple boy meets girl story.  It’s much more.  It’s a story about loss, hurt, and living again.  People make mistakes and rash decisions so I love there are ups and downs, bumps in the road, and that it’s not perfect.  It just makes the story that much more real.

Starbucks & Books Obsession was the first review I read this morning and it made me smile for the rest of the day.

I really FELT the passion between Sam and Gray and I definitely had butterflies in my stomach a time or two. I could tell Sam and Gray were falling for each other before they even admitted it to themselves. Gray may not do relationships but he’s not a man-whore and he has so much respect for women. I loved the way he protected and cherished Sam and the sweet things he did for her to open her up to life again. He took her on some really sweet and thoughtful adventures and I absolutely loved seeing Gray fall in love with Sam. She totally took him by surprise and buried herself into his heart, which isn’t easy to do.

So I have to share a little personal story which I hardly ever do because I’m pretty protective of my family. But the other day I was driving and my rear windshield was so dirty! I needed to clean it but I forgot when I got home, wrapped up in the promotion of my book and writing Last Breath. The next morning I got into my car and noticed that the rear windshield was perfectly clear. Not only was it clear but my entire car was washed. I went to get lunch later that day and I remembered I had only five dollar so I was going to use my credit card but lo and behold, my wallet had extra cash in it.

I kind of teared up. My husband is always doing these little things to take care of me. The advice is always to write what you know and I guess that part of him and his caretaking nature is in my books.

Anyway, Chelsea even has a mini playlist. Thanks girl!

Melanie from Stories and Swag:

I loved the dirty talk! I wish I could put a bit in the review but I would need to put an XXX warning at the top!
Sam & Gray know going in that this was just temporary. Sam was finding herself again and Gray was trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. They only has 45 days, but that was all it took for them to fall in love and then it was anything but temporary.
Ava at the new group blog The Biblio Belles can’t give up the place in her heart where Bo and Noah reside.That’s perfectly okay and I’m glad that you are still interested in future books in the series.
I think if I had read this as a standalone I would have loved it more but I can’t help compare it to the first two books and I enjoyed them more. Sam was the main reason I liked this story as much as I did as I could empathise and connect with her.

I do look forward to the rest of the books in the series, I can’t wait for Mal’s story as well as Finn’s and I’m hoping Lana appears in there somewhere! Unraveled can be read as a standalone so it is a good place to start but all the books are well worth a read so you need to check them out.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in Day 3 of the blog tour. It’s been great reading everyone’s reviews and visiting your blogs.  See ya tomorrow!

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