Unraveled Blog Tour Day 2

Thanks to Sassy Mum Book Blog, Loves All Things Books for posting about Unraveled’s release!


Like I said yesterday, I love dueling reviews and Michelle and Pepper’s review is just another example of why these are so entertaining. I mother hugging love you two back. Pepper, I promise I am not a guy! And Michelle, I love that you get a lady boner from my heroines! Check out this hilarious and gif filled review of Unspoken.

MICHELLE: I agree. She is funny, smart and totally likeable the entire time.
And Gray. Sweet Lord. Each one of these hot military guys that JenFred writes- just do me now.

PEPPER: Oh God. I can’t. The dirty talking? And the sweetness???

Becca the Bibliophile and I just must click because she’s given me some great reviews. 🙂 Becca interviewed Sam and Gray and it was kind of short because Gray started thinking about Sam’s physical attributes and it went downhill from there! You need to check it out. And you’ll want to see a bigger version of this collage. I mean…even the red polka dotted dress. LOVE IT.

Screenshot 2014-01-21 19.16.40


Sherry from Recommended Reads says that Gray won her over despite totally falling for Noah and Bo!

If I thought Noah and Bo were hot, there is no comparison with Gray. Holy Hell, he’s totally smoking! He’s a Marine on leave and trying to get his head together and make some decisions. So, where does he stay? With his former Marine buddies in the Woodlands, Noah and Bo (of course). See where this is going? You have no idea.

Don’t worry, guys, we still love all three of you.

Over at Ripe for Reader, Margreet writes that despite some of the book coming off predictable, she’d still recommend it.

The story in itself was not unfamiliar and a bit predictable and although well-written and most definitely moving, it lacked some originality. Despite that, I would not have any hesitation recommending this book!

At Triin’s Bookish Moments, she’s giving Unraveled 5 stars and we are glad that the bus was late because the book was too engrossing and she almost missed it!

Unraveled was humorous, sexy (holy smoky monkeys how hot!), emotional, and full of thought provoking moments! Maybe it has just been a while since I read the other two books in the series, but I can’t remember the first two being THAT HOT (Gray is DEFINITELY my kind of guy… 😉 ). It was a greatly enjoyed insight into military life.

Finally but not last in my heart is Sharon from Obsession with Books. Sharon was one of the first bloggers to read Undeclared. She took a chance on me and I really appreciate it. The best part is that she still loves my work, three books later. Sharon gave Unraveled five stars too and said

I have to admit, I’m not usually a fan of characters who have previously been married and their partner is now deceased – divorce I don’t mind so much but there is always the chance the hero or heroine aren’t completely ready to move on and a new relationship comes with much trepidation. I’m pleased to say though that Jen has written a real page turner and the relationship is one that is believable which I appreciated, the banter and conversations were enjoyable and their moments together entertaining…it was a book filled with heart and hope and I was glued to the pages.

I love that line because I did want it to be hopeful–that you can get another chance to love again no matter what your past is.

Thanks to everyone who participated in book 2 of the Unraveled blog tour. I’m really blown away by the love that the book is receiving.

4 thoughts on “Unraveled Blog Tour Day 2”

  1. U never disappoint! Finished Unraveled and it was awesome! I hope there is more to come so we can follow their relationship like we do with Bo and AM and Noah and Grace and now their kids. Plus all the guys. Thank You! And can’t wait for the next 1.

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