Unraveled Blog Tour Day 1

Thanks to A Love Affair with Books, Chicks Controlled by Books, Dirty Girl Romance, and  The Book Blog for sharing the news that Unraveled has been released.

Jammie at 2Bookaholics wrote the best exclamation ever. I might have to steal it sometime. 

Oh sweet baby goldfish, this book was HAWT! I am a super fan of all things Jen Frederick (seriously sometimes I think I border on stalkerish) The Woodlands Men as I refer to them are ones that I love to visit over and over again! But who wouldn’t right? Well, let me tell you that Unraveled didn’t disappoint, nope I can’t think of one place that it did! HAWT, Adventurous and Sweet all wrapped up into one ball of yarn (ha ha ha) Unraveled begins with Gray Phillips having to make some serious life decisions.

I love that!

Carrie at books coffee and wine wrote:

Out of the all three Woodland Series- Grayson Phillips and Samantha Anderson’s story is my favorite. I love all the Woodland boys, but nothing can top the strong Grayson…This book is about loss, trust, and love- Its about Honor of the Corps, and its about honor of relationships.

It was a lot about loyalty and honor and I loved that Carrie wrote about how that stood out for her.

Amanda is an author herself but she does us a service by reviewing as well. At her blog, Byrne After Reading  she predicts a run on Land Rovers. Do they come with a dirty talking Marine? If so, I guess Amanda and I will be duking it out as to who is first in line at the dealership.

For all the growth that Sam goes through in Unraveled, I felt like this was really Gray’s story. He had the most to lose – and the most to gain. Taking Sam on adventure after adventure opens him in a way he hasn’t felt in years, and he doesn’t know how to handle it. He panics, more than once, and makes an ass of himself, more than once. And when he sets out to try and make things right, he does it in the most heartmeltingly way possible. Big, manly Marine + yarn = Oh, Gray. Gray, Gray, Gray.

Michel at Hesperia Loves Books shares. Hesperia’s site is almost mathlike in the way that they break down and grade books. So interesting.

Together Gray and Samantha make sense.  They are compatible, enjoy each other’s company, and the sexual chemistry is through the roof.  They know that this is a temporary relationship.  This temporary relationship is just what they need.  What they didn’t expect is to find the happiness and love that is rare and worth pursuing.  They will have to make choices, let go of the past, and find a way to merge their lives  in the same direction….It was thought provoking, sexy, saucy and very realistic.  Not only did it have a beautiful love story, it also showed the strength of friendships and the loyalty to these friendships.

Shelley & Courtney at Must Read Books or Die did a dueling review (and I love these because I feel like we’re all just sitting at a coffee house just shooting the shit. And now we have  a theme song which made me think of Adam’s heroine. 

Truly, I didn’t even know I needed a Gray until we had those moments with him. I was all kinds of ready for Mal, or Finn or Adam to grace my life…but this direction was perfect. We got to know those guys a little bit more, or more or less find out about some of their conflict…while having Gray talk dirty to us. #Winning

…These two have some smokin’ hot scenes together as well as some sweet and tender moments. They have confusion and grief and decisions to work through but it’s not angsty and over the top–I mean Gray definitely frustrated me but I could understand where he was coming from. I loved how strong Jen wrote Sam. She took brave and risky steps and tried things–I loved her courage and her willingness and her desire to keep living even after losing Will.

Natalee is celebrating a one year anniversary at Read This~Hear That! How awesome for her. Go and visit! Enter the giveaway!  In her review, she wrote:

At the end of the day, he learns from his mistakes and is just a good guy through and through. I did however obsess over Sam. Actually, I obsess over all the females in this series. Each one has a quiet strength about them. Sam is probably the most innocent, I thought, because she’s stuck in the past and still has a lot of growing up to do. BUT she was also the most mature and level-headed leading lady. She doesn’t play games, she wears her heart on her sleeve which I thought was super refreshing.

Kim from Reviews by Tammy and Kim shared that she’s looking forward to reading the rest of the roommates’ love stories.

Like the other books in this series, this one was sweet, humorous, moving, sexy and romantic. It was not quite as dark and angsty as Unspoken. It was a quieter, sweeter read with only mild angst, but still enjoyable.  I look forward to more in this Woodlands series…we still need Finn, Adam, and Mal for sure…

Sammie’s Book Club, for book lovers put everything together in this awesome collage:

Screenshot 2014-01-20 20.43.42

Evette wrote the review at Sassy Girl Books. She loved the banter and you have to know I love writing that stuff. Gray and Bo had an inordinate interest in each other’s, um, equipment!

The banter- these guys- I want ALL of them in my real life!  Jen is a wiz at writing these tough but loving men and developing their friendships and relationships.  You want to know them.  You laugh out loud and have every feel under the sun with them.  Including a good bit of LUST.

Steaming Mug of Books is Cece’s blog. Cece reached out to me after Unspoken and offered to beta read for me. I took her up on the offer and really used her. I think she read Unraveled three times and as I said in the acknowledgments, she pushed me to make Unraveled a deeper and more emotional story. Cece did an interview of me so you can find out my favorite hot drink and what my day looks like.

Crusin Susan called Unraveled a “riveting story”:

The one aspect that I enjoyed about Gray is that he experienced loss in his own way.  How Sam explained his grief about being over loss of trust, and loss of HEA was perfect.  Gray has a choice to either allow his ex to determine how his future will be, or to release her control from his life forever.

Unraveled also gives us more into the lives of Bo and Noah.  It was fascinating to see how the loyalty comes into play with the three of them.

Typical Distractions is a group blog with Tina and Lynne. Tina wrote in her review that she loved Sam and I really appreciate that. Sam was such a great character to me–so brave and willing to put herself out there.

One of my favorite parts of this story was Sam herself. She is one incredible woman. She lost her husband of two months at 19 and learned to put the pieces back together, when no one would have questioned her choice to live a sad and isolated life. She was labeled a widow at a young age yet she decided she wanted more from life. Her choice to live life to the fullest like Will, her late husband, had done, to embrace whatever life hurled at her, solidifies her as a brilliant woman. She learned to laugh again and enjoy the little things. She had no shame in her past. She embraced her quirks and never shied away from talking about the hard things and opening her heart to Gray. And the icing on the cake, she was a kickass knitter. She was the perfect compliment and companion for Gray.

Zandalee at Valley of the Book Doll made this amazing grapic to go along with her awesome review. She’s got some other great graphic cards on her site. Thank you!


Unraveled was a an incredibly sweet story. I enjoyed seeing both characters go through their own self-discovery and find strength in each other. This book was SO freaking hot! I mean, I had to fan myself every time Gray and Sam were around each other. They really had great chemistry that went beyond sexual though.

It was also great to see characters from the previous books. That’s what I love about series. You get to know the characters more and more and you begin to feel a part of their world.

Thank you to all the bloggers that helped make Unraveled’s release day exciting and successful. It’s #1 on Amazon’s Mover and Shaker list. That’s a great way to end the night!

Screenshot 2014-01-20 21.05.34

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    1. Sweet baby goldfish. Best review phrase ever. LOL.

      Let’s see if I can incorporate it appropriately into Gray language. (He’s a Marine so of course there is cursing involved)

      “Sweet baby fucking goldfish–“no that sounds pedobear. Um… “Sweet ass baby goldfish are you naked underneath that dress, baby?”

      1. I love it!! This book was fantastic!! But you know I love them all! and I’m with you I like the Sweet ass baby goldfish are you naked underneath that dress, baby?”

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