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2Bookaholics also did a review of our gunman/innocent garm girl love story. Thanks Jammie!

This book was beautifully written, at first it was a little hard to get Nikolai’s dialect down when reading but after awhile it just flowed so amazingly. I don’t personally think this story would have been as brilliant without that part. To really make you understand things from his POV what his thoughts and feelings where, even if they came out wrong. And oh boy some times they did. I guess it was really innocence of his thoughts and feelings that were so beautiful.

Kelli at Alphas Author Books Oh My blogged that she liked the heat but had some problems with wanting more action. We appreciate Kelli sharing her thoughts and posting about the book.

First Class Books said Daisy and Nikolai were a perfect fit in an unobvious way.

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Preppea at I *heart* Bookie Nookie News writes “I would highly recommend LAST HIT for anyone who enjoys a sexy bad boy that just needs the right girl to show him he does indeed possess a heart.”

Liezel at Liezel’s Book Blog added that she “loved the suspense and pacing and also the character building in this story.”

Lara at Mean Girls Luv Books said such nice things about the book that she can’t really be a mean girl:

There is a very charming quality to these two and in their interactions with one another. Neither knows how to be with someone in a loving, committed relationship. Nick is almost as innocent as Daisy in many ways. Not only is there a sweetness and tenderness to them, there is an intensity that lures you into wanting more. Nick is possessive of Daisy right off the bat, he only wants to keep her safe. Normally this would drive me crazy, but Nick has never come across a woman like Daisy who is so in need of love and protection BUT also holds her own, she tells him no, she tells him exactly what she wants…she sees him. It makes the way he handles her with care endearing.

Cruising Susan reviews says she’s going to read Last Hit over and over. I can get behind that.

I would call Nick a loyal and gentle warrior giant. Why do you ask? When I think of a warrior giant, I think of a man who is fierce, protective, and will go to the end of the earth to love and protect the one he is destined to be with. I think of a man that loves that person with such passion that it could ignite flames. That is exactly who Nick is. He is also a kind and loving teacher to Daisy. When you read Last Hit, you will understand why I compare him to a teacher for Daisy.

The Romance Evangelist reviewed Last Hit.

Still, Nikolai and Daisy both know that all they really have is each other, and even with brief moments of doubt, it’s truly their love that gets them (and us) through all that follows. There are extreme moments of violence and that might make this book not the best choice for everyone. But the romance between this hero and heroine was so fascinating and irresistible that I couldn’t stop reading Last Hit until I knew that their happy ending was guaranteed

Random Musesomy writes:

This is a fast paced action packed story. Daisy and Nick are so similar yet so different. She is as innocent as he is worldly, but they both have had to live their lives very carefully. Hidden in plain site fighting the fears that were not always of their making.

Court at Love N Books thought

Overall, the plot was very good and the characters were well written. I truly enjoyed the secondary characters and felt they added to the story too. I think this is a book that many will enjoy.

Books, Coffee, Wine gave this a 5 star review:

Jen Frederick and Jessica Clare bring you a whole bunch of suspense along with some steamy hot sexy scenes- you feel how Nick feels, you feel how Daisy feels- the details of the Ukrainian Mafia is real- and you take yourself on a journey like no other…



And last but not least is Michelle’s review at AllRomanceReviews. I know that this book was a little outside of Michelle’s normal read so I appreciate her giving the book a chance. Michelle loved Daisy and even bestowed the Fabulous gif! Loved it.



Thank you to everyone who participated in making Last Hit a success. We’ve ordered the the proof and hopefully will have print copies available soon.