A great giveaway and a thank you for the rest of the blog tour

Author Elyssa Patrick (she wrote the New Adult Stay With Me featuring a fabulous hero, Caleb, and the teenage movie star who tries to break away from her past and an upcoming holiday duology, Holiday for Two) is hosting a holiday giveaway. Check out the great prizes!

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Today’s gorgeous graphic comes from Louisa M.


Thanks to Once Upon Dream Reviews, Shhs Mom’s Reading, The Book Blog, and Flirt Reader for helping to get the word out about Last Hit.

Book Breath Babe. So glad you enjoyed the book, Kristi!

At Dirty Girl Romance, I had a hard time scrolling down from the banner. Wow.

Fikes put together a whole page for us.

Hesperia Loves Books says:

I highly recommend this book. It is written from both characters POV’s and the reader has a better understanding of the characters lives. The book is charged with suspense, highly emotional and has the reader wanting the “bad guy” to have his happily ever after.

Sassy Girl Books wrote that the book was worth the angst:

Together they made sense. Maybe the morals were a bit fast and loose, but again normal is just a word to them. They will create a world together that not only allows them to grow and thrive but gives them the love they both so desperately want and deserve.

Ripe for Reader is a Canadian. We like it up there. She wrote in her review

The large lines in this story paint a gorgeous contrast between dark and light and a compelling story of redemption. The details, the intricacies of the growth of both main characters and the development of their relationship against the harshness of the environment that fosters a killer for hire, and the careful manoeuvring required in that world, is drawn together in a smooth and flowing writing style by Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick. This is an UN-PUT-DOWNABLE book!! And I am so looking forward to the next one!!!

T and A After Dark enjoyed the awkwardness of our couple. Yes, Nikolai and Daisy were like two discards from the Island of Misfit Toys.

What I loved most about this story is that it’s so different from everything else out there. It’s dark and sometimes sad, but the unconditional love between Daisy and Nick is beautiful. I loved the way the author wrote Nick’s words with an accent. Their flirting was so cute because neither of them had any idea how to do it.

The To Be Read List says

When I read a book, it’s all about how it makes me feel and how drawn I am to the characters. Jen & Jessica create a lovable killer in Nick. How is that even possible??? I think the dual POV has a lot to do with it. If I wasn’t in the mind of Nick, I’m not sure I’d feel as strongly as I do for his character – don’t get me wrong, he’d still be irresistible, just in a different way. He’s a killer, but the way he’s written makes you see WHO he is and not WHAT he is – it’s actually quite remarkable. Nick’s beautiful, confident, and always in control, but the fact that he has no idea how to pursue Daisy is so unbelievably sweet. His awkwardness with words around her just made me want to jump in the pages and give him a big hugs of encouragement. And, there is just something about Nick’s broken English that makes it adorable and endearing.

Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews is another blog with a hot header. Get a damp washcloth and proceed carefully.

A mark watched, a love found and a man that needed to feel the love that only one woman could completely give to him.. This story was not only of love, but forgiveness, healing and how the power of unconditional love can repair the most hardened of hearts..even a trained killers.. I loved this book and recommend it to readers of not only NA but thrillers and darkened romances.

We told Booze Bookz and Boyz that we weren’t big drinkers but they enjoyed the book anyway!

Daisy is completely inexperienced in the sex department. But her deep attraction to him doesn’t let her shy demeanor hold her back. Of course, Nikolai has had many women in bed and wants Daisy. But how he really wins me over is his patience with Daisy. He knows she is not like all the other women he’s been with in the past and he takes his time with her. He teaches her what to do and how to ask for what she wants. It made me swoon all over the place. The authors spare no details when they describe the scenes. They’re so provocative and emotional.

The Book Whoreders Delight was happy that we used real words for the sex organs. I’m inserting manroot somewhere in Last Breath and dedicating it to them!

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