Last Hit is on sale now

lasthit-medJessica Clare and I email each other daily and have for several years. She’s been a big supporter of my writing. One day Jess joked that she wanted to write about a hitman that goes to college. Immediately I was struck by her brilliance. Unfortunately she refused to write it. A month later I brought it up again and she, probably tired of my harassment, said that I would have to write it with her.  As this was going to deter me! Nope. I sat down and typed out Nikolai’s first scene.  His background as a Ukranian conscripted into a Russian mafia was born in that instant. 

Last Hit is the story of a lonely hitman who has been a contract killer since he was fifteen. While watching a mark, twenty one year old Daisy comes into his line of sight and his attention is arrested. He can’t stop thinking about her, watching her, or wanting her.

This story is different, darker, and sexier than anything I’ve written. Hope you enjoy it. 

iTunes is a link not yet available but I’ll let you know when it is.


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