Will the Charlotte Chronicles be a book?

I’ve gotten so much interest in the Charlotte Chronicles. I love it.  Here’s the deal. I’ve got four more Woodlands books to write and those come first. And, depending on how much you love Last Hit, maybe more collaborations.

I want to write Charlotte and Nathan’s love story into a book but that will be some time down the road. Instead, I’m going to work on it a little each week and release it one small section at a time.  This means that you’ll get to read it free all the way to the end, but that the end might not be for a while.

Also, if you use the contact form, double check your email. I had a couple of readers who used it and the email response that I sent bounced back to me.  Thanks everyone!

6 thoughts on “Will the Charlotte Chronicles be a book?”

  1. Ok, first I have to say I love the Charlotte Chronicles and would love to see a book of them first. But I do agree you have to finish “The Woodlands Series” first! I LOVE X3 the entire series and can’t wait for book 3 to come out. Although I don’t know if any of them can top Bo & AnnMarie’s story, its been by far my favorite!!

  2. I cannot tell you HOW much I’m enjoying reading the Charlotte Chronicles…it’s so unfortunate they’re so damn short. I know I’m being really greedy right now. I appreciate it regardless…waiting patiently for Part IV next week!

  3. You are so wonderful to treat us to Charlotte and Nathan’s story. Thank you. It is great to be able to look forward to this every week.

  4. Yes! I love that you’ve included this! Even if it only turned out to be snippets here and there, I am still so grateful for these looks into life with Charlotte and Nathan. SQUEE!

  5. Thanks so much for the Charlotte chronicles. I love it. I’d like to see it as book, but I’m soooo excited about the woodlands books that I definantly want to see them first. Waiting on pins and needles for the next book in the Woodlands.

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