Charlotte Chronicles, Part I

Charlotte Chronicles

You asked for more and I couldn’t stop thinking about Nathan and Charlotte.  I’m going to TRY to offer up a short snippet of their story once a week.  If you don’t know who Charlotte and Nathan are, you need to read the free epilogue to Unspoken.  Or not.

Today is a no good, very bad, wholly rotten day. In the annals (had to look that up) of bad days, this has to be on the top. Nick’s sitting by the window and won’t look at me. Nathan’s in the corner, glowering as if somehow this is all my fault. Mom is trying not to cry and Dad is pacing like a lunatic.

And my head hurts so bad. The doctor says that tonight’s surgery will help alleviate the pressure from the tumor that’s taken up residence in the back of my skull. No one knows what will happen next. Although my mom has said that I probably won’t be able to do gymnastics anymore but that maybe I could join the dance team. FML. Like I would ever.

Later, after everyone is gone but Nick we’ll look up medulloblastoma and find out what the real details are. None of the adults are going to give it to me straight. Even the doctors talk in quiet tones to my parents in the corner. I’m the patient, I wanted to yell at them, but I can’t yell because even speaking is too painful right now. But I’m glaring. My eyes are shouting at them. Unfortunately no one but Nathan is even looking at me right now.

Nathan who thinks I must’ve done something to create this tumor in my head and ruin his day because he can’t stop glowering at me. His face looks thunderous like he’d like to squeeze my head until the tumor pops out like a zit. I’d like that too. But at least he’s looking at me unlike everyone else.


Worst. Fucking. Day. Ever.

The next entry in the Charlotte Chronicles will be released via the newsletter later this morning. Newsletter sign up is in the sidebard —->

15 thoughts on “Charlotte Chronicles, Part I”

  1. Hi! Just signed up for the newsletter. Is it possible to still get the first part of Charlotte’s story. I just got a contact link instead of the newsletter.

  2. I love this series I was lucky enough to get a ARC of Unspoken and was thrilled, will this book a book in the series? the second I finished the free epilogue I started hoping for their story so YAY!

    1. Sarah Clark – I hope so someday but it won’t be until 2015 probably. My writing schedule is really booked but I’ll try to deliver something every Friday!

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