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I’ve mentioned that I’m working on a sekret project, right? The Rock Stars of Romance are hosting a cover reveal tour.  You can sign up for this tour here. It’s for October 7, 2012, which I know is kind of late in the game but we’d love to have you.  You can see by the form it’s a collaboration between myself and a USA Today Bestselling author of billionaires and shapeshifters. There aren’t any paranormal creatures in Last Hit, but you may consider the hero out of this world.  The story is darker and sexier than I’ve ever done. I hope you guys enjoy it.

In Unspoken news, I am thrilled beyond words to announce that the book made it on to the USA Today Bestseller list at 93!  I can safely say that I never, ever expected this to happen.  Thank you so much for your support everyone.

USA Today

I’ve had some marvelous reviews trickle in since the end of the blog tour.

Kaetrin from Kaetrin’s Musings gave Unspoken a B+.  This is a pretty big deal because Undeclared was a bit problematic for Kaetrin. Reading that I improved enough even into the B range for her was a triumph.

This one was for me, a much stronger book. The plotting was tighter and more cohesive…  There were more of the things I liked in the first book (much more) and less of the things I didn’t like (much less).  If the first book was a bit of a mixed bag, this book was a bag of goodness.

The Long and Short Reviews gave it  five stars:

The inevitable love affair between these two is both heart wrenching and sensitive. Bo has learned to respect and adore AM… it made me sigh when he fell for her completely.

Romantic Book Affairs was in agreement with Kaetrin and  gave it a B+ rating. (She also left the review at Amazon, thank you!)

This book has some deep emotional moments, but it’s also wonderfully funny. Between the mayonnaise experiment and Bo’s most embarrassing story, I was laughing non-stop. The playful sparring between AM and Bo is laced with sharp, sarcastic humor and dipped in sexual tension – fantastic combination.

I’m deep into my secret project but also working on Woodlands #3 as well as the promised Novella! Thank you again everyone for all your support!  It made a difference.

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