Goodbye Sweet Tour

My blog tour ended with a wonderful conclusion yesterday.  Thank you to Julie at ATOMR for putting this all together for me.


Yesterday I visited a Diary of a Book Addict posted the covers and blurbs for both books as did Shh Moms Reading.

Laurie T at Reader Girls Blog felt that the harassment and gossip suffered by AnnMarie at college was a tad unrealistic.  Realism is important for readers. If you don’t deliver a story that they feel could actually happen, even if it is a paranormal, I think you lose them.  Completely understandable.

Shannon at Cocktails and Books (she obviously knows the right way to read) enjoyed the snarky exchanges between the characters:

I really enjoy this series.  Jen Fredricks has created a cast of characters that are funny, snarky with the perfect mix of emotional issues.  I can’t wait for more from the Woodland gang.

Ramblings from This Book Chick shared that she was slightly frustrated with the lack of resolution about the parentals:

But then as we get to the end of the book, nothing is ever mentioned again and we are left wondering if Bo and his mother have spoken and possibly started a reconciliation or whether or not AM’s mother will leave Roger and/or stop relying on him for support. I just wish that some of these things would have been given some kind of resolution.

In all, it was great experience and I appreciate everyone giving Unspoken a chance. I’m really proud of it and I’m so thrilled that people are responding to it.

I’m working hard on new projects and I’ve updated the Tentative Schedule to reflect that. My goal is to get the epilogue to you all as soon as possible. Right now it’s kind of dirty. Like NC17 dirty. I’m not sure if it is even appropriate! I’ll have to reflect on this.

I’m thinking my secret project is affecting all of my writing. 🙂

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