Day Six, Am I counting right?

This is the last day of my blog tour.  Or tomorrow is.  I’ve added a bunch of new blogs to my list of places to visit for ideas on what to buy. There’s always something new at these sites. So what was going on today?

First up is Jenee’s Book Blog. She reviewed Unspoken. Jenee’s review answers a question that many readers have asked.  This is a stand alone novel with no cliffhanger.

This is a story about finding love where you least expect it. It was sweet and challenging all at the same time. Both characters were completely different and going through their own problems when they met. Although this is the second book in the series, it can be read as a stand alone. There are no cliffhangers.

Nick’s Book Blog points out that sometimes AnnMarie’s actions (or non action) were frustrating but understandable.  He also loved Bo. But who doesn’t?  He said it was a book that spread a positive message.

The romance in Unspoken was beautifully paced. Bo and AM definitely had an attraction to each other since the first page, but they really got to know each other an emotional level before they dived into a romantic relationship. I liked the slow pace of their relationship and I liked how despite how hard Bo tried to pursue AM, she didn’t give in easily.

Time out for a minute. I actually love reading reviews with critique. Even though I can’t write Unspoken, I can see where the flaws in the book are and try to avoid them in the future.

Lisa from A Life Bound by Books promises that she is going  stalk me. I’m holding you to that, Lisa.  She also appreciated the humor in the book.

I also loved the experiment that Bo and AM do to the guys at Bo’s house and thought it was a crack up. That’s another thing about this title that even with some of the heavy issues there were some light hearted moments and even moments like the experiment that had me laughing out loud and rolling my eyes. Seriously entertaining and then some!

Even though Unspoken is a stand alone, Ava at Book Nerds Anonymous  appreciated the progression of characters from one book to another.

I enjoyed this instalment of the Woodlands series, it was great to see the progression from book one to this book. The character development was richer and the plot line went deeper. It is a great New Adult romance about finding that one true person that can handle your demons as well as their own. Also did I mention Bo was hot ;) because a smart, ex marine/fighter, yeah he’s got it all going on!

Speaking of critique, Bridger Bitches Books Blog‘s Harper wasn’t thrilled with the nickname. It was after the AM radio. If you noticed, AnnMarie’s IM handle is when the radio was invented.  But I liked this critique because it makes me more sensitive to the issue of nicknames.  She had a great point that labels are meaningful, even nicknames.

Labels are some thing Bo and AnnMarie are both very familiar with. Bo handles them a little better than AnnMarie, and Bo has this pull to AnnMarie that makes him want to help her get passed the labels and make her feel like those labels don’t make her who she is especially if they are not true. Just rumors, a game of telephone that people like to play and add or take away whatever they want to the rumor.

Louisa has great taste and not just because she loved Unspoken but because in the early inception of this blog I used the exact same theme. HIGH FIVE Louisa.

Beautiful, endearing, and a solid read. That is how I would describe Unspoken in short succinct words. This book was a fantastic read that I would gladly pick up again.

Shelley and Courtney at MustReadBooksorDie did another conversational review. I know I said I loved them yesterday but they are so much fun to read. Maybe it’s because two people are expressing pleasure over the book. (Is this like a menage?)  Shelley and Courtney loved the friendship aspect in Unspoken. I’m happy for Unspoken to be the meat in the awesome reviewer sandwich.

I say this every other review, but I truly LOVE a series with an amazingly awesome group of friends. Bo, Noah, Mal, Finn, Adam, and now Gray are their own version of a Hot Bunch and I can’t wait to see them all get their girls! Love them. Love, Love, Love them.

Lori at She Reads New Adult is going to throw down for Bo too.

I loved the chemistry between Bo and AnnMarie. I mean seriously? I would love my very own little stud muffin like Bo.

Liz at Sinfully Sexy Books called Bo sex on a stick.

There was actually much more show in Unspoken instead of so much tell (Undeclared) where that aspect was concerned, and that made for a huge improvement in my mind.  So, Bo was a fighter, but, ahem, wow, he was also quite a lover!  That boy was sex on a freaking stick!!  Even aside from his hotness factor, though, Bo was amazing with Ann Marie (AM).  He was a wonderful friend, protector, cheerleader, and all around good guy with her.

Autumn from The Autumn Review appreciated the characters.

As I said before, the characters made this book special for me. Frederick’s strength is her characterization. They are complex, sexy, likable, and relatable. I can’t wait to see what happens next in the series! If you’re looking for a new NA series to start, definitely check this one out!

Sarah at Book She Reads is helping readers rediscover Undeclared.

What got me hooked on this book the most was how hard Noah starts to fight for Grace and prove to her she is the one for him. He has his reasons for staying away for the last two years. He knows that she will ‘test’ him and he is ready and willing to do whatever it takes to get her to see just how much she means to him. I loved it, I love Noah, and Grace is a girl I could see myself being friends with.

RoloPoloBookBlog also reviewed Undeclared and she, like so many, love the letters shared between Noah and Grace.

 Beginning with page one is one of my favorite aspects of Undeclared, the letters between Grace and Noah.  At the beginning of most of the chapters there is a letter from one to the other which really helps the reader understand just how well the two knew one another before the great disappearance.  The letters also helped me connect to both characters and better understand how the past so greatly impacted the present.

Let’s end with a picture, shall we? Victoria Shriver tweeted this picture as her “BO”.


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