Day Five, it’s still selling!

I’m so amazed that people are still buying Unspoken.  It’s like the little book that could.  Please envision the little train here.   One of the marvelous readers of Unspoken is a photographer. I asked if I could share a photo she took today and she said yes.  Fall is here!

Kris aka Willow


Today around the blog tour we visited some fabulous places.

Michelle and Pepper at All Romance Reviews did this fantastic conversational review of the book and there are so many great moments throughout the review that it’s hard to pick the perfect one to extract so you might just want to go over and read it all.  But one part I did like was the discussion about the male POV in the book.  I have a super sekret project I’m working on kind of related to this so it was fun to see them pick this as one element that they really enjoyed.

PEPPER: Like, he was so unapologetic. I highlighted so much of his inner monologue. I have to put out there that JenFreds dude POV is killer. Like some of the best I have read. I love me some dual POVs, but some authors can’t get the guy to be “a guy” as well as others. And there was some hilarious shit in this book.

“I’d shove their dicks so far up their assholes that they’d only be able to fuck themselves for the next four years.” – Bo

See, what she did there?? Hilarious and so dude-like!!

MICHELLE: I totally agree. I just think Jen just knows how to write her ass off. She’s really good and writes in a way where every detail is important but it’s never too much. Sometimes I skim books because I just feel like I don’t need all of the extra details and they don’t capture me but I never have to do that with Jen’s books.

Anyway, totally fun (and it has gifs).

SBBookLover Reviews says that her fanning and swooning is at Defcon 1.

Oh Jesus, Bo is even sweeter and hotter than I anticipated 😀

The dears at SMIBookClub actually reviewed me last year and I’m thrilled to be back on their page.

This is one of those books where I just need to let it out (sorry, J) SQUEEEEEEEEE! I LOVED this book. Seriously. So. Freaking. Much. I was a huge fan of UNDECLARED and was thrilled that Bo would be getting his own story but I wasn’t expecting to LOVE it more than I did the first book.

Thank you Heather! Up next is Gabic who reviewed Undeclared. Gabic also has a post about “A Death-Struck Year”, a book set in 1918. How fascinating!

Undeclared is an adorable story about a former Marine and the girl he writes to the whole time he’s deployed. These two are strangers when Grace sends her first letter as an English project. But it becomes more than homework. They fall in love over four years high school and deployment. But that’s all ruined when Noah pushes her away when he gets out. He’s a mess and doesn’t want to put that on her.

Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews hosted some of my favorite quotes from the book.

KV Loves Books also reviewed Undeclared and liked the old fashioned touch of the letters Noah and Grace exchanged.

Although there are many books on the shelves now which use the medium of email or text to begin romances I love the fact that Jen Frederick’s protagonists begin their relationship through old-fashioned letter-writing. The letters which we read within the book are mainly Noah’s and the reveal the realities of war and his part as a Marine, which is something he is reluctant to impart to Grace face to face.

Chelsea wrote this amazing review for Unspoken. She liked it so much she went back and read Undeclared!  Chelsea has reviews and giveaways for books like Nicole Williams Finders Keepers and Heather Hildenbrand A Risk Worth Taking.  Check her out.

Lately, I have felt a little burnt out on new adult/contemporary novels which is a travesty for me because that is what I love to read. I have read so many insta-love and undeveloped books lately that I feel like it has been affecting my perspective on all books in this genre. Unspoken broke the spell. I freaking loved this book. I started it kind of late at night and I had to force myself to put down the kindle and go to bed since I had to work the next day. This was truly a fabulously refreshing read for me.

I wanted to share a couple more things unrelated to the blog tour.  Shirley Frances left me an amazing review on Amazon.  The last I checked it was the most helpful. Thank you Shirley. I loved reading that!  You can check out her blog here.

Kylie Scott tweeted that she enjoyed my book.  This was a cool moment for me because I’ve totally read and enjoyed her books.  If you haven’t read Lick, you are missing out. It’s this emotional love story featuring a rock and roll star and the woman he married one night in Vegas. I can’t wait to read the rest of the band’s stories.

The blog tour has only tour more days left but I’m not done here. I’ve got some exciting stuff to share with all of you after the blog tour is over – about the next Woodlands book, about the Christmas Novella, about a super sekrit project so stick around!


Friday, Sept. 20:

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