Day Four: You guys are so awesome

So last night I blogged that I would write and release a 10,000 word epilogue featuring Bo and AnnMarie if I broke the top 100.  And this morning, sometime around 10 AM, you all made it happen. As I write this Unspoken is 80.  I’m overwhelmed.  But I’m also about keeping my promises so I started writing.


Excerpt of Epilogue

If you’ve read Unspoken, you’ll know that Bo makes a reference to visiting AnnMarie at work.  I’m going write that scene.  If you can’t envision it, then head over to SwoonWorthy Books for an 18+ picture. Yes, picture.  I blushed and wiped the sweat from my forehead.

After visiting Ena at SwoonWorthy, you can head to PJs.  At A Novel Affair, PJ writes

This book had the perfect everything – characters, sexiness, drama, depth, emotion, and my favorite – comic relief! I loved Bo and AM each individually, and together, they make a great couple… one of my new favorites for sure.

Then you HAVE to head to Book Freak. She made some beautiful graphic cards for Undeclared. I love, love, love that people are rediscovering this book.



The flirtyreader wrote reviews of both Undeclared and Unspoken.  She loved them both but appreciated that there was no insta-love:

What’s hot is that they become friends first. Albeit with strong sexual chemistry. AM is reluctant to get into a relationship with another Central guy and Bo for the first time in his life wants to become more than just another guy to AM.

Tammy and Kim’s blog had lovely things to say about Unspoken.

It is a story of facing your fears, opening up, moving forward and finding a true connection. It was painful and hard to take at times, but sweet and heart felt at others. It had a good message about overcoming bullying. I really felt for AM and for Bo in this one. They both had a lot to overcome and deal with and it affected how they viewed themselves and others.

A Passion for Reading hosted my thoughts about AnnMarie who is currently my favorite heroine although the one I’m currently writing is pretty awesome too.

Mean Girls Luv Books are claiming Bo as their own. I’m sorry other bloggers.

It’s MY Beauregard “Bo” Randolph’s alpha tendencies, gentle heart and broken past that had me turning page after page.  It was the strength, love and endurance of AnneMarie “AM” West that lent a harmony to her and Bo’s story as they navigated the muddy waters of their haunted pasts, which guided their presents.

I held a flash giveaway over at my Facebook page and asked what character from the Woodlands interests them the most.  Many many wanted to read about Ryan and Ellie.  I don’t have time before the end of 2013 to write that novella, but I’m intrigued by it.  I said on Twitter that if I made it to the top 10, I’d give some real thought to it.  I don’t know, readers, could that happen?

Tomorrow’s blog tour schedule (Thursday, Sept. 19):

7 thoughts on “Day Four: You guys are so awesome”

  1. I can’t wait to read that! I just loved this book! My kindle starting freezing up while I was reading it. BestBuy said they would have to keep it for two weeks. My response? Oh he** no! I can’t wait that long, I’ve gotta finish this book! Amazon sent me a replacement yesterday!

  2. AWWWMAGAWD! I read the first line about AM at work and knew it! Squeeee! So excited and can’t wait to read. Congratz on making top 100 too!

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