Day Two, Unspoken is traveling around the internet


Today I’ll be hosted by the following blogs:

If you visited the tour sites yesterday, this is some of what you would’ve read:

From LovinLosLibros.  They also have a cover reveal of Nicole Chase’s cute self published book that was acquired by Avon.

Watching both AM and Bo confront their fears was one of my favorite things about this book. They empower one another and make each other stronger and I loved that. They are different in so many ways, but they really work together. When the other person builds you up, believes in you, strengthens you as an individual, chases the demons away, and loves you unconditionally- you know you’ve found your match. And AM found her match in Bo and vice versa.

BookAngelTopia reviewed both Undeclared and Unspoken.  Emma also hosted a spotlight for Melody Grace’s upcoming release.

Unspoken gives dynamic, charismatic characters that develop exponentially from the beginning to the end.


Undeclared is one of those books that sinks its claws into you from the very first page and doesn’t let go until you’ve turned the last page. To say that it is a compelling read is an understatement.

Brittany and Bianca had a nice spotlight of both books.

Hesperia said that Unspoken was a story of unconditional love. So true. Hesperia has a very neat looking rating system. You’ll have to check it out.

AM and Bo build a friendship that is leading to a love of a lifetime. But before they can move forward they have to get past the rumors, confront those standing in their way, and deal with their secrets. It is a love that is worth fighting for.

This book is beautifully written. Two young people find themselves and their own self worth. I highly recommend this book.

Meagan at Love Between the Sheets loved the banter and shared her appreciation for the dual point of view:

The way the story was written from alternating POV’s made me like the couple even more. We got to see how each character viewed their problems, as well as their attraction. It helped me connect with AM and Bo as a couple, as well as individually.

Brandelyn at Seductive Romance Reviews said that Bo left her begging for more. I had a hard time letting both Bo and AnnMarie go. I still want to write about them. They were such a fun couple.  Brandelyn also has a giveaway for a Melanie Dawn book.

Bo was everything I was looking for in a book boyfriend and then some. I am so glad he is not the hit and quit it kinda man I was thinking he was. His relationship with AM (Ann Marie) flourished throughout the novel and I found myself rooting for them.

Read This Heart That (what a great blog name) said that Unspoken was not your typical NA book.

Bo and AM are one of my favorite couples so far this year. Individually they’re so resilient and strong. And together? Man, oh man they could conquer anything they want. And anyone they want. Those two were as combustible as a gasoline and fire- which made for some steamy sexy time.

Brianna Lee Book Reviews hosted some extra facts about Bo.

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