Copyedits are in. ARCS in two weeks!

I’m getting my copyedits this afternoon. I’ve been thinking about this story quite about during the three weeks its been with the CE and I’ve a lot of additions I want to make. I really love Bo and AM and it’s actually hard to leave them behind and work on another story and another couple.

I’ve been playing music to get me in the mood to write. This song in particular:

I’ll be sending Unspoken off to the proof reader soon and then ARCs will be ready sometime around the 15th. I hope you enjoy Bo and AM folks. I really enjoyed writing their story.

3 thoughts on “Copyedits are in. ARCS in two weeks!”

  1. yeah! I’m so ready for this book! I love this song, it’s on the playlist for several books I’ve read and it’s beautiful.

  2. I’m really excited to read this! I want to download the first 9 chapters but that’ll only make September 16th come even slower

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