Least favorite household chore?

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As I was doing laundry this morning, this very early morning because I had taken the day off yesterday, I contemplated all the things that I didn’t really mind doing. I don’t mind folding socks or underwear. I don’t mind ironing. I figure that’s why the Bravo television channel exists, right? I don’t mind cooking and I don’t even mind cleaning the toilet. But I really hate to mow the lawn.

The last time I mowed the lawn was when I was home on maternity leave. I was feeling very inept, just sitting at home and taking care of my baby 24/7 so one afternoon, when it was about 90 degrees out, I strapped her into my Baby Bjorn and set out to mow the lawn (don’t do this kids. It’s not safe). She fell asleep immediately as babies are wont to do. And I labored over the lawn for what seemed like hours. At the end of it, I went back inside the house, into the cool air conditioning and passed out from heat exhaustion.

My husband came home shortly thereafter, spotted the abandoned lawn mower in the yard, and came in to give me a laughing scold. I wasn’t ever to do that again. “Fine,” I thought. “It’s not like I want to ever go out there again.”

And I haven’t. So lawn mowing is my least favorite household chore. Do you have one?

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