User Error

Last night I was clicking through to my Goodreads account, accepting friend requests, when suddenly I realized that I had hit “ignore” instead of “accept” for three friend requests. I hit the stop loading button and then the back button frantically only to have Goodreads give me this red warning message that I had no new friend requests.

This isn’t new for me. I’m often flubbing things. When I was younger, I used to read Julie Garwood. Her heroines were all perfect except for one tiny flaw, usually a poor sense of direction. I’m the opposite of a Garwood heroine. I’ve got a pretty decent sense of direction but a ton of really big flaws, not being able to hit the correct button at the correct time is one of them.

Noah feels that way in Undeclared.

I’m not sure how being around Grace managed to fuck up my decision-making process so much. I felt like I was pushing the shoot button on my Xbox controller every time I wanted to jump, resulting in stupid, self-inflicted casualties.

To the three Goodreads users I’ve somehow ignored, I’m sorry. To everyone else, please accept these apologies for future errors. Now, which one is the shoot button. Is it X or Y?

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